Hera Beauty Series Korean Mink Eyelashes Catalog

Hera are professional Korean mink eyelashes extensions manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler in China, which Korean mink eyelash extensions has more beautiful color effect.

Hera's Beauty series eye lashes extensions are top quality Korean mink fur false eyelash extensions.

With the advanced technology and high standard environment protective materials, our eyelashes are safer, lighter, more natural and more wearable.

The outstanding quality of our mink fur eyelash extensions was resulted from good control in production line and minor issues in every detail procedure.

All eyelash extensions can be manufactured by O. E. M. Or O. D. M., which Hera could supply followed eyelash extensions series: Faux mink eyelash extensions, Silk eyelash extensions,3D 6D eyelash extensions, Real mink eyelash extensions, Mink eyebrow extensions, Loose eyelash extension, Y/W eyelash extensions, A/M/P eyelash extensions; Eyelash extensions glue ,remover and tools; Luxury mink fur strip eyelashes, 3D multi-layer Volume mink fur eyelashes, Fox fur eyelashes, Flutty Horse hair eyelashes, Human hair eyelash extensions, Synthetic strip false eyelash extensions, Flare eyelash extensions, Paper eyelashes; 

We welcome eyelashes stylist and eyelashe extensions store owner to wholesale Hera's Mink Eyelash Extensions from our eyelash extensions manufacturer.

Online check or save at local more clear Hera Beauty Series Mink Eyelash Extensions Catalog picture to by followed pictures:

Hera Image Icon Mink Eyelashes Catalog 1,  Mink Eyelashes Catalog 2,  Mink Eyelashes Catalog 3,  Mink Eyelashes Catalog 4,  Mink Eyelashes Catalog 5

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