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Your Hair Salon Tipping Guide for the Holiday Season

Your Hair Salon Tipping Guide for the Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner and many of us (including myself) are in a mad rush to get our hair perfect for the holiday season! Whether it is a fresh cut and color or a fun updo for that special holiday party, our hairstyle seems to become a little more important this time of year. What does this mean for our beloved stylists? A solid month of being absolutely swamped behind the chair!

As I begged for a few hours of my own stylist’s precious time, it really made me think of all the sacrifices she was making for her clients during the holiday rush. Was she getting enough rest? Will she get her Christmas shopping done in time? Will she miss her son’s Christmas party at school to squeeze in one more appointment? Kind of puts things into perspective doesn’t it?

While the average hair salon tipping standard for hair services ranges between 10 and 20% of the total price of services, does this (or SHOULD this) percentage increase for your pre-holiday appointment? We asked a few stylists from around the world to weigh-in on this question and here are the responses we received:

During the holidays the gratuity goes up for sure! Clients know their stylist is busy and will comp them for the special time they give them. Christmas is a busy time for everyone so going out and buying their stylist a gift is difficult to find time for so cash is the next best thing and surely let’s their stylist know they wish them a Merry Christmas.

I think as a professional, I certainly can hope that tips will be different around the holidays but don’t expect them to be. December is a really crazy and hectic month for stylists. We sacrifice our time, energy and sometimes even family events to do what we love…service our clients. An extra tip (or sometimes, a thoughtful gift) really does give me personally, a boost. (But again, it is NOT expected!) It’s that extra “thank you, I love it!” the client may have forgotten to verbally say. Our industry is a tough one to love, I know I can personally battle loving the creative freedom and the lack of benefits/sacrificing family time for my love of hair. I guess this time of year always makes me an optimist in people and hope they appreciate us a little more for the extra hours we work and willingness to “squeeze” them in :)”

My tips definitely increase around the holidays by about 20%. Of course, not everyone will tip this generously. I think it’s nice to tip your stylist a little bit more than usual since in all likelihood they are working like crazy and have tried to fit you in to their schedule before the holidays!

I think our message here is to think a little deeper as you visit your trusted stylist this holiday season. While my Snickerdoodle cookies are pretty tasty and the gift baskets at Bath&Body Works are really cute, I think there might be a better way for me wish a happy holiday season to my dear, sweet stylist. A big thank you/I appreciate you and a thoughtful tip can go a long way! After all, they do keep us lookin’ good year round :)

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