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Why Are My Hair Extensions Very Dry after Several Washes?

Why are my hair extensions very dry after several washes? This is a frequently asked question from our customers. In fact, hair dry is not only for hair extensions, it's also same problem for our own hair if we have not correctly wash hair and care hair. Hair dry is related with many reasons, let Hera explains that for you:

1. How often should we wash hair extensions?

It's not good to wash hair too often, at least more than each 2 days and it's ok to wash hair between 2-5 days because washing hair too often will damage hair's cuticle so the hair will look coarse.

2. Choose the right shampoo

Hera remind you please don't use alkaline shampoo, which will make your hair very dry. You'd better choose natural acid-free shampoo, such as ginger, honey locust, sesame as the main component of pure plant shampoo.

3. The right wash hair extensions method

Do not rub directly onto the hair after pour shampoo directly in the palm; the right method is: first rubbing a rich foam shampoo in the palm, then rinse hair.

4. Change the water temperature

The water temperature should be high to low, which rinse hair with lower temperature water would allow the hair cuticle closed better, then the hair feels more supple after hair style and will be shiny.

5. Washed hair extensions blowing

The hair tips can not blow, prevent excessive drying cause hair frizz.

6. Washed hair extensions care

After washing hair, you can pour some hair conditioner on the palm, gently onto the hair to avoid split ends hair and keeping moisturizing.

7. Avoid perming, dying hair extensions again

Try not to perm, dye your hair extensions again, which may damage the hair follicles easliy so make the hair extensions easily shedding and dry.

8. Hair Extensions also need sunscreen

Avoid the hair extensions in strong sunlight long time, you can wear a hat or umbrella when you go out to play.

9. Try to choose better quality hair extensions

The better quality hair extensions could keep the hair health longer time then the hair extensions could last longer time.

Hera hope this hair care tips could help you keep your hair extensions health and last long time.

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