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10 Common Hair-Care Myths

Separating myth from fact can be tricky. I get asked the same questions all the time when I am cutting someone’s hair. I decided to share the answers! So believe what you want to believe but as a professional…this is the truth!

Myth: Will frequent trims make my hair grow faster?

The truth is: More trims will NOT make you hair grow faster. Sorry to burst the bubble. I know everyone wants to grow their hair at a rapid speed, but hair only grows about a half-inch per month whether you cut your dry ends off or not. That’s the fact!

Myth: Can stress make my hair fall out?

The truth is: Absolutely. On average, a person can lose between 50-120 strands of hair per day naturally. It’s the nature of the game. Nevertheless, add in severe stress levels and you’re talking more hair loss. Now, I’m not talking about stressing over a date or a dinner party. I’m talking major life changing issues like a divorce, lost job or surgery. After the stress factor calms down, the hair will certainly start to grow back within a couple weeks.

Myth: Will switching shampoos frequently make my hair healthier?

The truth is: Each shampoo is designed and formulated to target certain parts of the hair to help with problems. But hair cannot tell the difference between brands nor build up a tolerance to a shampoo. Using the correct shampoo for your hair is key to maintaining a healthy head of hair. So, using the same shampoo week after week or month after month is ok. If you’re unsure of what is best for your hair care needs, visit your stylist and ask lots of questions.

Myth: If I pluck one gray hair out, will two or three sprout in its place?

The truth is: You might just get a little depressed that you have gray hair to begin with! But, the good news is if you pluck those pesky grays out, more will NOT grow back. I am sure you are relieved to hear that, but it is a bad habit to start. When you pluck out a hair it damages the root, which can cause infection. So you’re better off leaving the unwanted hair alone.

Myth: If I have an oily scalp, should I skip using conditioner?

The truth is: Conditioner will not add to your oily problem. Greasy hair is actually caused by an over production of the scalps natural sebum. Using a moisturizing product or a heavy conditioner will not add to the greasy look. Conditioner is used in the hair to help close the hair cuticle and keep it healthy and strong through the day. So try using conditioner from the middle of the hair growth to the tips if you really feel like you have to avoid the scalp!

Myth: If I shampoo my hair twice, will that leave me with super clean hair?

The truth is: If you are using the correct product for your hair, you only need to shampoo and condition once. That is it!

Myth: Will rinsing my hair with ice-cold water leave my hair shiny?

The truth is: The ice-cold water will sure wake you up, but it will not leave your hair shiny. If you rinse your hair with lukewarm water at the end of your shower, your hair will have a chance to close the hair cuticle sealing in the conditioner, leaving your hair feeling soft.

Myth: Can coloring my hair cause damage?

The truth is: The products that are around today are much more gentle on the hair than in years past. In fact, some color products contain extra conditioner to help leave the hair more manageable. I always recommend visiting a professional stylist if trying a new color or changing your color drastically. This ensures that your hair color turns out the way you want it.

Myth: Is there products that will repair split ends?

The truth is: No! Once your ends have split, that’s it folks. It’s time to get them trimmed off. But if you’re in a pinch and need to smooth down the crazy ends, try using a lightweight, crème product that contains silicone to help add moisture to control the ends. It will help make the split ends less noticeable.

Myth: Should I brush my hair 100 times per day?

The truth is: Brushing hair is designed to remove tangles and style your hair. By brushing excessively and vigorously it can pull the hair out at the root and possibly weaken the hair strands. Be gentle with your tresses and don’t brush excessively.

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