14 Inches 8/10 European Hair Band Fall Sheitels

This light chestnut color wig is Hera 14 inches #8/10 straight European hair band fall sheitels.

Hera's European hair band fall sheitels are the world's best band fall sheitels. Yes, it's right, which is the best band fall sheitels for Jewish women, no matter the European hair quality but also Hera's sheitels made techniques.

We have listed 3 pcs 14" #8/10 European hair band fall sheitels different pictures so you can know that very well.

In fact, what we said sheitels, Jewish women wigs and Kosher women wigs are same thing, different people may use different names, so if there is anything what you want to know, such as the cap design, you can visit related products.

This band fall Kosher women wig's cap design is our recommend cap design, which is used Chinese silk for inside of front so the customer could feel very good when they wear this band fall Jewish wigs without their own hair. Of course, we could use other lace instead of Chinese silk then the cost could reduce little.

Wholesale band fall sheitels

We mainly wholesale band fall sheitels to Jewish women, which MOQ of wholesale sheitels is only 5pcs start. So no matter you are personal sheitels user or professional band fall sheitels wholesaler, Hera welcome you contact us for band fall sheitels wholesale business.

Normally speaking, we advise you buy one band fall sheitels sample to check our hair's quality and our techniques. Seeing is believing, if you are interested in this band fall sheitels, please contact us with your business description then we could send our band fall sheitels' wholesale pricelist to you. Remember Hera is the best sheitels supplier in China.